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MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 4 days ago


I have one familiar family: mom, dad and Daddy's daughter. Dad earned very well, spoiled his daughter as much as he could. Everyone goes to the student cafeteria, and she goes to the restaurant across the street. The girl studied so-so, just so that dad didn't argue, she wasn't going to work in principle and, in all conscience, she was just looking for a husband just like her Dad. Found him. Lived for her own pleasure, engaged in herself and a little charity.
And then somehow everything fell down: dad caught a stroke and lay down like a log, they found a tumor in her husband — the poor guy burned down in a year. Was a little worried about the widow, as one who was not adapted to life would survive. But at the funeral, her husband's immediate supervisor so carefully was grabbing her ass that everyone calmed down — she'll be fine.

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 5 days ago


In an American school, children were taken to a bank during a financial literacy lesson — where everyone opened an account and deposited $5 to make sure how important it was to save money. The bank introduced a commission for accounts with a small balance and took all the money for itself. Well, the children really got an important lesson 😆

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 7 days ago

To the point

The following message hangs at the entrance to the university in South Africa:

«The destruction of any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long-range missiles. It only requires a reduction in the quality of education and the resolution of cheating on exams by students.»

— Patients die at the hands of such doctors.
— Buildings are collapsing at the hands of such engineers.
— Money is lost at the hands of such economists and accountants.
— Humanity is dying at the hands of such scientists.
— Justice is lost at the hands of such lawyers and judges …
— Governance is lost in the hands of legislators.

«The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation.»

Group Site Site MadRomasMadRomas 7 days ago

Infinite scroll has been fixed

Little update:

Before, infinite scroll was working but videos in <video> tag did not. When you insert mp4 video from the link they will not work when page loads next set of posts. They were stuck on loading screen.

Such problem has been fixed and now you can view website with one continuous motion.

It is useful when you are sitting on a toilet. So, just keep on scrolling. Enjoy!

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 7 days ago

Honest review of the maternity hospital

Some kind of horror is happening in this place. They took my wife there, they returned her with a child, was forbidden to engage in sex for a while. It's okay, the worst thing is that the child was given a capricious, loudly screaming, wildly inquisitive, climbs everywhere, since that very day I've been living like hell for 10 months. They refused to exchange it for another one. All my rights and personal space are violated! Will not set foot there again!!!

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 9 days ago

Sanctions at their best

Russia has already been cut off from CNN, Pornhub and Facebook. The US is now working on depriving Russians of Mcdonald's and Coca Cola. If they keep going with these sanctions, Russians will soon be among the healthiest, well adjusted and best informed people on the planet.

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 9 days ago


A businessman came to a Mexican village and announced that he was buying local monkeys for 10 pesos/piece. There are a lot of monkeys around, residents are happy — everyone sells monkeys at retail and wholesale for 10 pesos. There were fewer monkeys left, then the businessman said that he was raising the price to 20. Residents strained, caught the last monkeys, brought them-handed over 20. He took the most recent ones for 25, and then announced that he wanted more! — and already on-50! But he left and left the manager on his place. The manager says — let's do this, I give you these monkeys back on the sly for 35, and when the boss arrives, you will give them to him for 50… The people are happy with such a freebie — they borrowed a lot of money and bought all the monkeys back for 35. The next day, the manager disappeared after the boss, and the people were left without money, but with monkeys

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 11 days ago

The wife pumped up the horn

In short, such a story. Yesterday afternoon, my wife quietly disappeared, like to a friend. And she went and pumped herself a horn! Now she's a cross between a duck and an Instahoe, and I'm in shock! What the fuck for? What kind of bitch you have to be to fucking turn yourself into a freak for money, and, characteristically, for my money! Fuck, I'm going to blow up her whole fucking salon tomorrow, and I'm stabbing her in the anus with the whole hyaluronic acid, let the bitch increase!!! It's not that it's fucked up, it's fiercely fucked up, I married a girl, not an Instahoe, so what the fuck is this for!!! And what the fuck should I do now? A huge desire to beat the shit out of these two dumplings, God, give me strength and peace of mind!!!!

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 13 days ago

Terminator Underwear

Do you remember the scene in the movie «Terminator 2» where the terminator walks into a bar and takes clothes from a biker?
One question haunts me: did the terminator take the biker's underwear too, or did he run all the events in the film in leather pants on his bare ass?
And if he took away the biker's underwear, then he spent the whole movie in someone else's dirty undies?

Group Read Aloud Read Aloud MadRomasMadRomas 15 days ago

The Real Aikido

There is no more True Aikido left out there. In this day and age, what they call Aikido is when two morons try to kick each other in the jaw and break each other’s joints. Or whatever else they do these days; never seen it anyway.

The True Aikido was completely different. It required that you defeat your Enemy without using needless effort. In fact, you didn’t even have come face to face with your Enemy.

Say, for example, your Enemy is approaching you with an axe in order to chop the fuck out of you. But you live in such a dump that on his way there he slipps on a pile of shit and falls into it face down, two times in a row. He gets so frustrated that he chops off his own finger. So who wins? You win! Perhaps you will not even know about the victory, which is victory in it’s best form.

Or else, for example, the Enemy decided to curse you out or harass you in different ways. But your cell phone is turned off for non-payment and you don’t answer the door anymore because some salesmen were bothering you. So the Enemy gets tired of ringing your doorbell and banging on your door, and bites his hand all the way through out of frustration. Here, you win again.

Another example: say you had no other choice but to come out on a tatami, or whatever they call it. The Enemy comes out too, growling. But you just stand there, like, you know, all barefoot, red spots on your hands and sniffing from the cold. The Enemy looks at you and all of a sudden becomes nostalgic about his barefoot childhood, remembers his little creek, a small carp he caught, his bobber and his fishing rod. He is crying now. He is not in a fighting mood anymore and goes home. On the way home — just like when he was little — your Enemy buys himself an icecream. Than gets sick from it and dies.

As usual, you win again.

Unfortunately, there are no more Masters of the True Aikido left in this world. They all disappeared somewhere. Sometimes you look at one and think he seems like a Master. But he is not. He failed once, lowered his guard, relaxed, gave into a thought for a second. Now he’s been beaten ridiculed and slighted three times and is laying on the tatami with an axe in his back.

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