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MadRomasMadRomas Read aloud 1 month ago
Unfortunate reality

Today I want to write about something that has been on my mind a past couple of days.

Jail/Prison Talk, if you want to call it that.

No, I did not find god or started preaching my «new» ways. There is no such thing.

We will talk about conversations. People that live on the outside of them walls have lives  just like people inside them. Just a little different. Family, work, problems, happiness, things to do, things that happened, news etc. That is what people talk about, right? Main idea is to share what has been happening with things that surround you for a day or a weeks or months.

When people make a phone call or a video visitation from jail/prison, other side of a line will talk about their world «Outside world», to keep you up to date. You have to talk about something, right? And what does a person that is locked up have to say? Nothing interesting. They listen, but human brain does not really work that way. You want to share something too, you have to. And what would you talk about really? Exactly. What is happening with you behind bars. What exactly is going on in there? Nothing special, every day is about the same. Your schedule does not change much. So you talk about stuff that surround you inside the walls. People, just like you who are also locked up. Because that's the people around you at the moment. That's the people you see and communicate and joke with on a daily base. At that time that IS your «Real world».

Imagine you went to a coma for a month? When you wake up, you will talk about something that happened to you month ago, because nothing happened that period of that you were «out».

Same goes for people who just got released. They will still talk about jail/prison for some time, until they get adjusted to the outside situations and create something new to talk about. They can't help it, it was part of their life. No body want's to hear jail/prison stories to be honest. But that's just the way it is, that's how humans work.


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