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MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 7 days ago

Infinite scroll has been fixed

Little update:

Before, infinite scroll was working but videos in <video> tag did not. When you insert mp4 video from the link they will not work when page loads next set of posts. They were stuck on loading screen.

Such problem has been fixed and now you can view website with one continuous motion.

It is useful when you are sitting on a toilet. So, just keep on scrolling. Enjoy!

MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 16 days ago

Gifs available in comments

You can now use Gif's option in the comments from «Giphy»


You will see the popup, with gifs.


Search or select the one you like, than at the bottom you will click «Embed into post»


That's it!

MadRomasMadRomas Pictures 21 day ago


Flanimals — Find your Glonk.


MadRomasMadRomas Text posts 22 days ago - Glonks community

We have permanently moved to a new domain This fits.

Old address will still be available with redirect to a new domain.

Call it — Rebranding!


MadRomasMadRomas Pictures 1 month ago

Fuck you Reddit


No explanation was given and I don't really care. Never actually used reddit for anything other than share my posts from here. So, no harm done, so long cock suckers… 🤣

MadRomasMadRomas 1 month ago

Some days

Sometimes, I have nothing to share, or find anything of interest.

Even though internet is full of war, politics, lgbt-idiots, religion, dumb environmentalists and american culture crap. I will not post any of that garbage in here.

I rather not post anything at all. So, if you see no new post's in here, just enjoy! ☺️


MadRomasMadRomas 2 months ago

Updated platform

Yes, once again we have updated MadWay platform. There are many reasons that this change needed to be done. 

+ Groups

+ Friends

+ Wall posts & Comments

+ Notifications

+ Activity

+ Reputation

+ Follow users and Groups

This is just a highlight of what's new. Unfortunately all the topics are gone! Gone but not lost. Over time I will continue to pick the best topics and transfer them here.

It's not like we had allot of people or comments in database that got lost. 😎