MadRomasMadRomas Read aloud 3 months ago

I have one familiar family: mom, dad and Daddy's daughter. Dad earned very well, spoiled his daughter as much as he could. Everyone goes to the student cafeteria, and she goes to the restaurant across the street. The girl studied so-so, just so that dad didn't argue, she wasn't going to work in principle and, in all conscience, she was just looking for a husband just like her Dad. Found him. Lived for her own pleasure, engaged in herself and a little charity.
And then somehow everything fell down: dad caught a stroke and lay down like a log, they found a tumor in her husband — the poor guy burned down in a year. Was a little worried about the widow, as one who was not adapted to life would survive. But at the funeral, her husband's immediate supervisor so carefully was grabbing her ass that everyone calmed down — she'll be fine.

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